Reflecting on Cooking Up Stories

After working on Cooking Up Stories for pretty much everyday of the semester, I have to say its a little weird to not work on it. I’ve enjoyed the process of creating and building out the site so much this past semester. I definitely learned a from the beginning of the semester to now. So in […]

Getting Ready For The Presentation

So its here! The end of the semester is looming. And its approaching very quickly. Its crazy to think how fast this semester has gone by, to be honest my mind is still in week 2 and I think I have a long 14 weeks ahead of me. But in reality I really have 5 […]

Winding Down

Hiya! The semester is really winding down fast! And with that, I am finishing up the last portions of my website. In my last post I talked about some major changes to my site. After I finished those changes, I wanted to focus more on promotion of my site itself. I posted on my Twitter […]

Development Complete!

Hiya! So heres another update on my project for Applied Digital Studies. I’ve mostly completed the development for the site and now I’m moving into my promotion phase. Major changes have happened! And all good ones. First of all the front page has made a major changes: With the help of Beaver Builder and their awesome […]

Continually Making Progress

So there a lot of things are coming along with Cooking Up Stories. And I have to say, I have run into a lot of problems this semester with the site itself and it literally makes me want to throw my computer away and never touch one again. Just kidding, I would never be able […]

Ready for New Users!

Hi There! Its progress report time! I definitely have been working hard on this site to try to customize it enough to have people begin to submit their own recipes. And I think I’m there! Its been a long few weeks battling with different plugins to allow me to do that but I think I […]

Beginning my Project!

So for those of you who don’t know, for one of my classes this semester, I will be creating an “application.” What I mean by “application” is a website that will be optimized for mobile devices. In my last blog post, I set out wanting to completely create my own application. That meant I would […]

Project Proposal

Here is the rough draft to me project proposal!

I Think I Have my Project!

After some thought over the last few days, I think I have come up with a project idea. I went home for the weekend, and during a family dinner, my grandma was talking about ways that she can save her recipes. She has most of them written down but she maybe only has one copy […]

Not Quite Sure Where to Start

Hiya! Within my Applied Digital Studies class, a part of the final project is blogging. I think blogging our process is great. Its really nice to see things in writing and what was going through others head. I personally like to see other people’s process on big projects like this. I take it as a chance […]