Hiya! So heres another update on my project for Applied Digital Studies. I’ve mostly completed the development for the site and now I’m moving into my promotion phase. Major changes have happened! And all good ones. First of all the front page has made a major changes:

With the help of Beaver Builder and their awesome layouts, I was able to create a pretty great homepage. The original layout was just the form to submit a recipe. That layout wasn’t very user friendly, and that was my main goal while creating this site. The new layout helps with that so much. With the new layout, there is a login/signup button right on the page and I was able to link most of the site right from the homepage. I have an about section, contact, and add your own sections. I also added a section that shows the recent posts.

I also added an About page. I decided not to use the Beaver Builder for this page. I basically explained what I wanted to accomplish on the website and how I got the inspiration for the project.

I added more social media aspects to the site, including a chat feature and private messaging, and friends. I added a widget to the sidebar that shows your friends, and a chat window. The only problem is I cannot get the private messages on the front end of the site. Users need to access the private messaging from their dashboard.  One of the main things I wanted to add to the site is the user feed. I wanted the user profile to resemble Facebook and Twitter timelines. Using Views, I was able to create a feed that shows all of the posts for a specific user. It worked well! I unfortunately could not view that feed because I haven’t added any recipes yet. I added all of these features to the widget sidebar and the profile page.

User Feed, Friends, and Chat in the sidebar
The chat and friends feature on the Profile page

Last Thursday, while giving my presentation, someone recommended that I add some way for users to convert cooking measurements. After a few google searches, I found a widget done by WolframAlpha. I hope this does the trick!

Moving forward, I want to promote the page as much as possible to get user interaction. I also want to add my own recipes for my own benefit. Then I want to get the private messaging into a widget to embed in the profile page and the sidebar.




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