Final Project

Hi there! This is my final post for my Individual Study! It's been a lot of fun creating the video and I'm really excited to share it with you. I finished my video and its all ready to be shown at orientation. Here is the final product: I made a presentation at Research and Creativity Day, which was on the last day of classes. I'll post that presentation down below as well as my slideshow presentation that went along with it. Take a look! So Domain of One’s Own is a wonderful program that Mary Washington offers. Launched in 2013,...Read More

Finished Filming and On to Editing

Hi there! So just a quick update on how things are going! I just started my editing phase of the project. I finished all of my interviews and am now moving on to filming B-roll, which is footage that I can use while people are talking. But oh boy do I feel stressed. This video is one of the biggest projects I've taken on. It will be shown to the biggest audience that I've encountered (the students at orientation). So I want this to be the best it can be! And everyone I interviewed has such great answers that I...Read More

Midterm Update and Major Lessons Learned

Hi there! So this post is long overdue but I'm going to update you all on what I've been up to in my individual study. Within this course, I am creating an introductory video for the Domain of One's Own program that will be shown to the incoming freshman at orientation this summer. There's a lot of planning involved with making a video of this scale that I wasn't expecting. But that's okay, I was expecting a challenge for my capstone so I was ready for it. In the first couple of weeks, I wanted to focus on the background of...Read More

Domain of One's Own Research Reflection

The Internet is such a big piece in everyday life. We use social media on a regular basis. There are so many accounts to manage. Users are bound to the specific guidelines set by the specific social network giving them a very little freedom to expand, create, or build out their own space. So where is the space that users can build out their own space? Where is that space for a user to house all of their projects or create a new blog? That’s where Domain of One’s Own comes in. DoOO is a projected started in 2012, at...Read More

Web We Need to Give Students

Student privacy has become one of the hottest issues in education. Argument over student's privacy gives them no voice UMW students control over their data, scholarship, a digital identity. When someone uses an LMS it can't be accessed once the semester is over. But with Domain of One's Own students are able to take their education with them once they graduate "not only would acquire crucial technical skills for their digital lives but also would engage in work that provides richly teachable moments" Students become their own subjects of their learning. They have more say over what they present to...Read More

Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?

"Owning data has the potential to give students agency and control" Its important to focus on knowledge and production rather than data possession. Students need to see this space as a reward for rigor and experimentation. Professors need to shift focus away from traditional assignments.  Audience doesn't change at all. Have to give students the power to manage their data and determine that data At Davidson professors are beginning to question these digital spaces and changing their class sites to promote. Mary Washington does the same. Domain of One's Own is radical because it encourages a pedagogical shift.

Who's afraid of Domain of One's Own

Domain is more of a delimited (nonconstrained) space with your name on it -- literally, you can do whatever you want with it. Virginia Woolf's "A Room Of One's Own"--  a room that provides time, creative ideas, and the space to express oneself freely-- literally and figuratively Students take part of a wider digital conversation. Identity as a concept is central to Domain of One's Own Students learn how to develop their own online presence. Gain knowledge online and how to protect their identities online. Students take control and manipulate online identities.

Unwired through a Domain of One's Own in Wired

Why do universities give students temporary cyberinfrastructures like email accounts and web hosting that end up being replaced after graduation. Gardner Campbell "argued that learning to build and operate a personal cloud was a life skill students would need and should be taught." With Domain of One's Own students begin to assemble a platform to support their publishing. Students "acquire crucial technical skills for their digital lives but also would engage in work that provides richly teachable moments ranging from multimodal writing to information science, knowledge management, bibliographic instruction, and social networking." Picking a domain names is the root of...Read More

Progress in a "Personal Cyberinfrastructure"

Progress is linear and exponential. But it sometimes it can loop back to bring other ideas back to light. Courses used to cover basic HTML and CSS Began to build course web pages with the help of grant money to fund the projects. Plug and play applications emerged helped empower faculty with a move to put courses online where they were centrally managed with a single sign on for students. Students wouldn't have to learn the dreaded HTML, CSS and FTP, they would all do it through the LMS. Students would be able to learn without the embarrassment of lack...Read More

Maggie's Digital Farm

The web has great promises like freedom, knowledge, access, egaitarianism, and creativity etc. Having a domain is not just a way of creating pieces of writing. Its a way of distributing the writing as well. When you own your domain you get to control your intellectual property and you get to manage and control the meta data associated with it. With new media demands that we sign over our intellectual property, but Domain of One's Own doesn't do that.