Further Thinking in "Coding, Serendipity, and Domain of One’s Own"

This article dives further into thinking about the Domain of One’s Own initiative: the aim of the program is to provide students and faculty with their own domain names and open-source web hosting. The name comes form Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own — giving women their own space in order to explore their […]

Good Innovations within "Beyond Disruption: Higher Ed Innovation from Within"

After reading through Beyond Disruption: Higher Ed Innovation from Within again, I noticed a lot of things that went along with . Here are some of the main points of the article: Leslie Madsen-Brooks wanted to focus on the good innovations of the classroom, like projects that rely on open-source softwares and focus on individual and collective empowerment. […]

Exploring Domain of One's Own

Hi there! This past two weeks, I started my individual study. I am going to create an informational video for a program at Mary Washington called Domain of One’s Own. This program is unique where the university provides an opportunity of all students to get their own domain while they are at Mary Wash. With […]