Hi there! So just a quick update on how things are going! I just started my editing phase of the project. I finished all of my interviews and am now moving on to filming B-roll, which is footage that I can use while people are talking. But oh boy do I feel stressed. This video is one of the biggest projects I’ve taken on. It will be shown to the biggest audience that I’ve encountered (the students at orientation). So I want this to be the best it can be! And everyone I interviewed has such great answers that I want to incorporate everything in one video!

Unfortunately, I can’t….. We would be sitting around for hours, and some people might get bored. So I’m in the process of pairing down all of the answers that I think will best fit what I want the video to be. I’m using Final Cut Pro X to edit the video, which is a great tool for video editing. I used it while I was in London for my video production class and definitely wanted to continue to use it. It’s a lot like iMovie, but with only one downside; I don’t have it on my computer. So the convenience of editing a video from my couch is gone. I’m mainly editing on the University’s computers at my job at the DKC or in the Hurley Convergence Center. But totally fine! I am more productive when I’m out and about 😉

But I wanted to talk more about my interviews! Screenshots of the interviews will be down below. I was able to interview tons of faculty and students of all years who are involved with Domain of One’s Own. In total, I’ve interviewed 22 people. And I only had to refilm 2 of them! One of the biggest surprises out of all of my interviews was actually getting the chance to sit down with UMW’s President Dr. Paino!!!!

He was so nice and had some great answers for only being at the University for 10 months. But anyway, he’ll be a great addition to the video. Here are the other screenshots:

[FAG id=1029]

Once I had all the interviews imported to my Final Cut workspace it was time to cut out all of my talking. I filmed each interview with like a conversation where I would ask the questions on camera and the interviewee would answer. Of course, you don’t want to listen to me ask questions so I went in and sorted through the interviewees’ answers. I’m taking notes for each answer to see if there are any running themes throughout the footage. That’s where the keywords come in.

A keyword is another way to organize the footage before you start actually editing the video. I found these keywords to be a running theme: What is Domain of One’s Own? What is a digital identity to you? Why should students have their own domain? If the web was a concrete space what would it be?

Now, these are questions but each interviewee had such a different answer within each question that I found that making the questions a keyword was the best way to organize it.

I’m planning to comb through the footage again to find more keywords to further organize my video, so stay tuned!

Now on to the annoying thing that I noticed. I tend to say Ummmm or Ummm and a TON….. My voice is already really annoying to me through headphones because I only hear my voice through my head, but when I say um or and um that really grates on my nerves!

Anyway, I’m really starting to get a vision for what this video will look like and getting excited about the final product! I’m really excited to share it with you all at the end of the semester!

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