So its here! The end of the semester is looming. And its approaching very quickly. Its crazy to think how fast this semester has gone by, to be honest my mind is still in week 2 and I think I have a long 14 weeks ahead of me. But in reality I really have 5 more days of my semester! That’s insane! Anyway, I’m wrapping up my project for the presentation tomorrow.

The presentation isn’t a formal one, but its a poster session. That basically means everyone in the class has a table where they will set up shop to talk about their project throughout the semester. I’m really excited to see what everyone else has created this semester!

We began talking about how to present our final products just before the Thanksgiving break so I was definitely nervous because it seemed like it would be a major presentation where I would speak in front of a big group and a panel of professors. And that absolutely terrified me. I don’t mind presentations in front of my classmates because I know them to some extent, but I cannot do a big group of people. Nope. No way. Just no. Of course I would do it because of the grade but it would make me extremely nervous.

But fortunately, we decided that we should do the poster session because it would be hard to present all of the projects in one class period. After a huge sigh of relief. I began to get to work.

But I hit a roadblock. How do you present a website at a poster session? After a few brainstorming ideas, I found a way that might be the best bet. A screencast. Through the screencast I am able to showcase the website in an easy to view video and it would almost like the viewer was going through my website themselves. So I set off screen casting my website. But since I was going to optimize it for mobile users, I needed to screencast my phone to show the mobile version. Luckily QuickTime provides an easy way to screencast directly from your phone when it is plugged into your computer using the charging cables. I roughly filmed myself going through both the desktop version and the mobile version then I used iMovie to edit it all together. Here is the final product of the screencast!

I didn’t put any sound because I know people created videos for their projects so I didn’t want to distract the viewers away from their projects. I plan to have another monitor playing the video on my table while I have my laptop open on the site itself so any attendees can scroll through what I’ve done.

I also wanted to make a recipe that was submitted to the site. And that was tricky trying to come up with recipe that was good for the morning, because the presentation starts at 9:30am, and something that everyone would like. So the other day my grandmother submitted her famous COP Cookies. These cookies are extremely easy to make and they don’t need to bake at all. Perfect for my presentation because like all finals weeks, I have something due literally everyday. So this was a great recipe to make at the very last minute. I’ll let you guys read the recipe to find out how they are made but it literally took me 20 minutes to make.

I’m so excited to share my project with you all! Its been a great semester and I’ve definitely learned a lot about WordPress and even drones (since that is the theme of the class).  Once again my website can be found at definitely pop over and take a look!


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