After some thought over the last few days, I think I have come up with a project idea. I went home for the weekend, and during a family dinner, my grandma was talking about ways that she can save her recipes. She has most of them written down but she maybe only has one copy of each recipe. With family all over the country, it’s hard to share her recipes with everyone. So I decided that I would figure out a way that I can get the recipes to a point where the entire family can view them. I didn’t really know how to approach the topic itself and how to create the application. After mentioning the idea in class, I definitely felt better about how to approach the creation process. I found a way that Apple creates their application but I want to create the app for iOs and Android. I Googled how to create applications using free softwares and realized that there are tons of ways to create an application. I want to keep the cost down to a minimum. But I’m really excited to get started! I have high hopes for this project! I’m really interested to see how this will turn out.


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