Hiya! Within my Applied Digital Studies class, a part of the final project is blogging. I think blogging our process is great. Its really nice to see things in writing and what was going through others head. I personally like to see other people’s process on big projects like this. I take it as a chance to either improve my own process or see how I could approach a project in a different way. This project will last us the entire semester so it will definitely interesting to see where my classmates end up.

Now we are just in the planning phases of the project so I personally don’t have a concrete idea fleshed out quite yet. When we were assigned the project, I almost immediately jumped to the idea of a video. I’ve always liked video editing, as shown by my YouTube channel. I don’t’ create videos outside of my classes but I think some of my favorite assignments stem from videos. I particularly enjoy the editing process. I think it amazing to start out with just jumble of footage, then piecing it together to create a story. There’s always a art to making everything flow. So that being said one idea I had is making a video of some sort. I don’t know what exactly I might make the video about, maybe something about drones, or something along those lines.

Another idea that came up in our discussion during class would be making an application. I was intrigued by this idea as well because this would be a totally new field for me. I think an application in general would be awesome. He mentioned using an app to create an interface to control maybe an RC car/vehicle then strapping a GoPro to it. Since the topic of the class is drones, that aspect also came up in the class. But unfortunately, we are unable to fly a drone as part of the project because we have to have a “pilot’s license” of sorts. There is a lot of controversy surrounding drones, so using one might not be the best idea.  But I think the app that controls the RC vehicle might be a good idea. Once the have the app is working, making a video of the vehicle driving up and down campus walk might be a great way to finish up the project.

I’m really looking forward to this project, but I’m still not sure where to go. I don’t have a concrete idea down yet but I think I can make something work with the one’s I described previously in this post. I definitely want to think about this more this weekend to really push to find a concrete idea and topic for the project. But I’m really excited to see how this project turns out!

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