Well I’ve been in London for a month now! Can you believe it? I’ve honestly had the best time so far, exploring bits of my new home and other places. A group of girls and I did a little more traveling down to Brighton.

It was honestly really fun! We decided to do this really last minute and planned it this week. We all decided to do a day trip because we figured that we could go back another time since it is so close. I’ve always wanted to go down to Brighton and I thought this weekend would be perfect since we didn’t have much to do. After looking around at different train tickets we found some for only £10! What a deal! So Carmen, Cindy, Kassie, Maureen and I grabbed a train down to Brighton.

It was pretty easy getting there, our tickets were for super off peak times so we weren’t bound by specific times. We decided to go early so we could get the chance for a full day. It was only an hour and a half to Brighton so the journey didn’t feel so long that was filled with great conversation.

Once we arrived, it was a straight shot to the shore! We had the sea in view the entire way down. As soon as we reached the beach it was almost like we stepped back to Virginia Beach! Except Virginia Beach is 3,000 miles west. The beach itself is a pebble beach, much different than the sandy beaches I’m used to back home. It was really windy so the sea was rough and huge waves were crashing along the beach. The sun was out and the sky was the brightest blue. It was so refreshing. The sound of the waves was much louder than I’ve heard before because the water rushing through thousands of pebbles makes a lot of noise. It was incredible.

We continued along the beach until we reached the Brighton Pier. From the beach it looked massive. There are arcades, shops, restaurants, and even amusement rides at the end of the pier. We made our way down through the arcade and stopped for lunch at the fish and chips restaurant, one of the best I’ve had yet. After a nice break we headed further down the pier to explore the carnival rides. 

After the pier we headed over to the Brighton Eye. Its just a big ferris wheel that looks out over the water and pier. You also get a full of the view of the shoreline in the both east and west directions. The views we spectacular.

Then we headed off into the Laines. But first a short little rain squall. The Laines is the shopping district with tiny streets that wave in and out. They are full of little boutiques and chain stores, restaurants and bakeries. We stopped at a macron shop and a cupcake place as well. We eventually popped into an indoor flea market. I found a ton of cool things that I wanted but unfortunately I need to save some space… But I did find a really pretty glass star that I can hang in my room/apartment.

We meandered over to the Brighton Pavilion. Its a gigantic palace built for a getaway home for King George IV. It was beautiful! It had was inspired by Indian architecture with big domes and spiral towers. We were walking through the gardens and heard some awesome street music!

After the gardens we made our way back to the train station to head back to London. A short train ride back to St. Pancras and we finished a great day! Brighton was wonderful!!! I would totally go back another weekend/day trip. But that’s all from me! Also feel free to watch the video I made down below 🙂

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