This one is probably my favorite GIF that I made. Over all I spent maybe 4 hours on this GIF trying to get the masking correct, again. I know it doesn’t look that great on the preview but click on the image and it looks better. With this one I really wanted to get into masking. I filmed my friend scrolling through the phone and I wanted to make it look like there was nothing moving just her thumb. I used a tripod again but it was hard for her to keep her hand still while we were filming. I went through frame by frame to find the place that wasn’t so shaky. Then I cropped it as close as I could to attempt to stabilize the image. I think it worked out really well!

My next task is to start the masking phase. I forgot to get a shot of the phone without the thumb in it so I had improvise. I took a screen shot of my Facebook and added it to the background where it should be scrolling. I had to transform it so that it would match the original destination and I that was probably the hardest part of this entire GIF. That’s why it took me so long to complete it. I finally got it to the point where it didn’t look so fake and I just decided to leave it.

Then the masking started. That took forever too! I wanted to fill everything in as much as I could so it would look realistic. So I made a selection and then adjusted it to each layer and thumb movement. For some reason the selection tool didn’t work as well as I’d like so I had to go in an clean up the edges after I finished. Here is the final product!


Accumulated Time: 15hrs.

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