This one is probably my favorite GIF that I made. Over all I spent maybe 4 hours on this GIF trying to get the masking correct, again. I know it doesn't look that great on the preview but click on the image and it looks better. With this one I really wanted to get into masking. I filmed my friend scrolling through the phone and I wanted to make it look like there was nothing moving just her thumb. I used a tripod again but it was hard for her to keep her hand still while we were filming. I...Read More


This one was fun to film! I was creating these GIFs at work and Amy just so happened to be on while I was there. I had her help me with this GIF by writing out the words. I set the tripod up so it was over her shoulder. So I filmed her writing out each word then I had her place her hand where it was in the final product. Then I imported the footage into photoshop where I began masking. This first GIF shows what it looked like as a rough cut. I got stuck here and could...Read More


This GIF actually didn't take me that long to finish up, another hour of work. With this one I wanted to experiment with my own movements to create the illusion of cinemagraph just with movements rather than with editing. Unfortunately I think this GIF is a fail... I couldn't get the angle I wanted and and I just think it looks weird over all. Maybe because its my hand in the GIF rahter than someone else's hand. But it turned out okay, so not my favorite. Accumulated Time: 7 hours

Highlighting Notes

I was starting to get the hang of things here so this one is not the greatest. I didn't use a tripod so the footage was really shaky and I couldn't figure out what to do. Another tutor helped me work through the problem. He showed me how to line up each layer then crop close to the highlighter so it would reduce the shakiness. This ultimately took me about an hour to line all 17 layers together. I lowered the opacity of the layer that I wanted to move, then used the pervious layer as the base. I cropped...Read More

Cinemagraph Planning

  So when it comes to planning, some times I have the hardest time either planning or things come to mind very quickly. In this case, I had the hardest time coming up with ideas. I wanted each GIF to be challenging but I also wanted them to be doable. After continually rethinking what I wanted to do I came up with 4 ideas: A highlighter rolling across some notes Typing on the computer Someone scrolling on their phone Handwriting without a moving hand While I was coming to a close on the two hour planning period I finally told...Read More

Final Project Planning

  Hi there! So its time to plan my final project! I wanted to stick with GIFs because I really enjoy making and I think its fun to capture just a small moment in time. I also really enjoy getting them to loop as much closely as possible. So when I was starting to plan out my ideas for the project I didn't really know what I wanted to create. I was stuck trying to come up with ideas for a very long time, right before we had to present our idea. I had a few ideas for the project,...Read More