“Stop! Move away from the cookie jar!” Everytime some one opens me, I say this. Every. Single. Time. Its so ANNOYING! I wish there was something else I could say, Like “here have a cookie” or “today’s a good day for cookies and milk!” “Move away from the cookie jar” just sounds forbidding. Cookies shouldn’t be like that. They should be treats! Feeling guilty having a cookie is no fun. I know contrary to popular opinion, my favorite food is not a donut. I actually hate donuts. Cookies are my favorite! Some might say I could be a cookie monster!

There are so many kids of cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, S’mores, M&M, double chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, snickerdoodle, mint chocolate chip, Oreo’s, the list is endless! And cookies go great with really any drink! Water, milk, coffee, hot chocolate are all yummy with a cookie! Because I say “Stop! Move away from the cookie jar,” I don’t want to seem mean. And yes, unfortunately, you have to eat more nutritious things than cookies, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying one anyway!I really say that so I can make my owner happy. For some reason it gives her a chuckle. But once you say that over and over and over again it gets old really quick. But I shouldn’t be the one to decide if you get a cookie or not, you should (or your parents) Cookies are the bomb! So enjoy a nice tall glass of cold milk and a nice warm gooey, chocolate chip cookie!


I really had a lot of fun writing this! I saw the cookie jar while I was editing my Evolution of Beadie assignment and I thought this would be a good assignment to make from Beadie’s view point! Enjoy!

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