(This post has been a long time coming!)

Back in July 2023, I checked off a bucket list city and traveled to New Orleans with some of the Reclaim crew, Jim and Lauren to attend WP Campus 2023 at Tulane University.

This was such a fun event! As my first in-person conference after the pandemic (not counting Reclaim Open), I was anxious and excited to network with folks in the community and even present on a topic close to home at Reclaim and tease new products.

We took the presentation back to Reclaim’s roots in WordPress at the University of Mary Washington, after celebrating our 10-year anniversary. Jim lamented on centralized IT departments, with the rough and tough, jaded IT directors, through email, and on to ~ spaces.

We glance at the creation of the LMS, into custom-coded brightly colored applications, and on to the world of web hosting and cPanel.

After this, we moved to open tools, like WordPress and WordPress Multisite, where we started to investigate our agency with the web and started learning tools for working on the open web through the curriculum at the University of Mary Washington and Domain of One’s Own

Lauren and I showcased our time at UMW how it shaped our online presence and how we found our roots in WordPress. We worked through Domain of One’s Own and WordPress Multisites using examples that Reclaim works with, like UMW Domains, Coventry Domains, and OUCreate. In each of these instances, WordPress explores the mix of WordPress single sites and WordPress Multisites, bringing a valuable tool to students.

Flash forward to the future and Jim finished up the presentation by talking through Reclaim Cloud and Multiregion hosting to expand the world of WordPress on the Cloud.

And bonus points! The session was streamed live and the archive can be found below! (The full video is about 9 hours long, fast forward to the 7-hour mark to catch the presentation!)

Thank you so much to the WP Campus group for creating such an awesome conference! I’m so grateful to meet new people, travel again, and do some good ‘ol professional development with this presentation. I enjoyed collaborating with Jim and Lauren on this presentation, it was funny to reminisce through Reclaim’s history and explore what the future would look like as we continue to expand our products!

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