Happy Novemeber! Hope you all had a great Halloween! Its feels like fall outside and its wonderful!

I really enjoyed this week! I love working with video and it was a treat to edit the videos together. So here’s what I did this week:


Maggie’s post If Samuel L. Jackson Were A Chipmunk

Brittany’s post Stringer and Avon Fight Chipmunk Style

Syd’s post Simplicity at It’s Finest

Lauren’s post Trailer Mashup Dishonored Creed

Jess’s post Omar Little Pumped Up Kicks (Contains Wire Spoilers)

Maggie’s post Inspired by Meredith

Amy’s post Backwards Shootout



The Book of Life Silent Film 

Tv Trailer

Chipmunk Style



Stringer and Avon Fight Chipmunk Style

Backwards Shootout 


Other Posts:

Fritz Lang’s M Reflection

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Daily Creates:

Food Art

Sleep Shot



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