Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This week was fun! I had a rough time with the mashups but once I sat down and completed them it was much easier than I thought it was going to be! I also liked the remix. I was tasked to over exggerate a photo, and that was a lot of fun. I just went crazy with the filters. The Motivational epigraph was a lot of fun too! So here’s what I did this week:


Fox News Remix

Epigraph Motivational Poster

The Frozen Dead


Final Project posts:

Beatrice’s Dream Vacation

Honey Ham Haiku



Jess’s post: The Divergent Games

Ien’s post: In the Not Too Distant Future, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Jess’s post: The Divergent Games Poster

Imran’s post: Paul Blart Mall Cop in Two Panels

John’s post: Coming this Spring exclusively to PS4…


So now that thanksgiving is over bring on Christmas!

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  1. Good idea of using GIFS like I usually do “my master plan” in every blog post of mine :p looks like you had a heck of a week which you did pretty good! It’s been a rough week for everyone but you did overall great on what you did out of what I’ve seen so far! Nice job!

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