So for the final presentation, I am paired with Maddie and Matt. We all decided to use the topic of cloud computing. As we were meeting before our presentations, we all decided to split up the work and pick different sides to cloud computing. I was tasked with the history portion to the presentation.

I used this wiki article to gather my some of the background to cloud computing. I really found this helpful to get the background. However, I didn’t use this as a major portion to my research. Cloud computing can be extended back to the 1950s, with the use of terminal computers. It was mainly used for communication. The first name for it was time sharing. Douglas Parkhill became the first person mention some of the modern day characteristics to cloud computing, in his book, The Challenge of the Computer Utility. Companies like IBM and GE became one of the first companies to use cloud computing. However, it became too expensive.   In the 1990s, telecommunication companies started offering VPNs or virtual private networks. This offered a lot of flexibility with cloud computing. This brought down a lot of expenses making cloud computing way more affordable. Now fast forward to 2006, Amazon launched it AWS (Amazon web services). Then it introduced Eucalyptus which was one of the first free and open source software editors. This started a major jump to cloud services now like Netflix and Cloud Lift.



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