Big Brother versus anonymity on the Internet: implications for Internet service providers, libraries and individuals since 9/11, is about how anonymity is changing with the internet. Jelke Nijboer, explains how anonymity in the real world was better, where you could just have a conversation with a person at the bus stop with out giving them most of your information. However, in the internet, you have no idea who has your personal information. Although this article was written ten years ago I think this has a lot of information that is still pertinent today. For example, Nijober, touches on cyber bullying, the misuses of chat rooms, and even pedophile rings. With these incidents there is still the looming threat of a regulated internet, which some claim would be a violation of freedom of speech. Nijober also explains the the Patriot Act and monitoring internet data, which is legal. He also explains how public awareness for all of the acts that are against the law is important in the world of the internet now. Its interesting to think about when these acts, like copyright infringement and illegally downloading music didn’t even exist. This article is a great resource because most of the issues described in the article are still current in today’s internet use.

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