Hiya! So the Swede a Scene (5 stars) was by far my favorite assignment this semester! I really enjoyed it!

With the help of my group members, Amy, David, Demi, and Carmela, we recreated Season 3 episode 11 of the Wire. Now SPOILER ALERT, this is where one of the main character, Stringer is murdered. So while we were in the planning phases, we met as a group to have a little brain storming session. Jim Groom, happened to walk in the ITCC when we were having our meeting so we brought him in to get his input. He talked about how different swedes were made from legos and we knew that we couldn’t remake the episode using humans. So Amy was tasked with getting Barbie dolls from the dollar store. Unfortunately there were none so we settled on teddy bears. But I think that made it even funnier!

So it was time to film. I checked out a camera and a tripod from the ITCC front desk and off we went. We decided that the stand off between Omar and Brother Mouzone was a pivotal scene to use, as well as Stringer’s murder. we also decided to use the scene where the crew uses the new technology to get Stringer on the wire. We went through each scene to get the script then we were up and running. Amy and I talked through the layouts of each scene then Demi filmed. We had a lapel microphone to capture the audio, which really helped the editing process. After all of the filming was done, I was tasked with the big gun: the editing. I really enjoy the editing process but it also stresses me out. I think, ok I can put it together when I get the time and it will get done faster that way. But in reality I really need to sit down and do it all at once. All in all the editing was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed making the title sequence and the end credits.

Here is a picture of what the editing process looked like!

Here is the final product! Enjoy!

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