Today in class, 4/10, we discussed how social media can effect or sway a political stance. And to be honest I’m not really known to be very political. I just participated in my first election and I have to say I had no idea who some of candidates were for the senate election this past November. I have done some research on some politics and I am caught up on some of the current events within Congress. Politics never really came up in discussion with my family while growing up. I am definitely interested in politics so I think in would be a matter of research for me to find our which candidate I like better. But as far as social media swaying me to one side or another, I would have to say it doesn’t have an effect on me. If I see a funny meme or video I laugh then continue on. I don’t really think much of it. When I see it, I may already have made my decision on my opinion or I haven’t really done research yet. I also think its really cool to see how much social media has had an impact on the campaigns in the past 8 years. I really only remember it being a big part of campaigns because I didn’t start using social media until then, when I was in middle school. Now I just hate the time of year where there are upcoming elections because all I will see are ads about different candidates. I think the group that presented tonight has a good focus and I think their project will turn out very well.

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