Hi! So for one of the final assignments I decided to make a To-do list for Beatrice! This was worth 3 stars. I had  a lot of fun with this! It was really cool to actually sit down and think about what Beatrice might need to do during the week. So I got inspiration from Allison’s To-do list for her final project. So I first decided to use the Stickies app that comes with the Mac operating system.  I added the different stickies one at a time then changed the color from the default yellow to give the cluster some contrast. Then I went into Skitch (a screen capture application, similar to Grab) and caputred the stickie notes and uploaded it to Flickr. (Here is the original)

Then I went to plan what I need to write down in order for it to look realistic. I knew Beatrice would definitely be busy during the week between running the kids around after school and balancing her job. So I added the picture to trusty old PicMonkey and cropped it down so that it was a square. I did this so that I could upload it to Beatrice’s Instagram later. I used their text editor to add the text to the different sections. Once I was finished I uploaded it to Flickr straight from PicMonkey.

I included what she would pick up from the Grocery story in the yellow section. I included some dinner items as well as everyday items. Then I decided to include some of the upcoming appointments in the purple section that she and the kids might have in the next few weeks. In the blue section I put the things that she had to remember for that week in particular. Finally in the pink section I added things that the kids were doing this week.

Here is the final product! I had a lot of fun creating this assignment!

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