Last week, was a whirlwind of work. But while everyone was back in the office for a few days, Lauren and I sat down for our first solo Reclaim Today episode. Tim and Jim already have 8 episodes behind them so we needed to catch up for sure. Lauren and I jumped into a quick conversation about Spark.

Now before I get into the gist of our conversation, I’m still new to using a third-party email client. I used AirMail for the past year I’ve been with Reclaim and before that, I used Gmail or iMail. It never really struck me to use another email client. I was so used to the default systems. But AirMail changed the game, and Spark is even better.

Lauren and I began talking about some of our favorite features. Mine, in particular, is the calendar. This helps a ton when trying to schedule meeting or calls, you don’t have to leave the application. I can see Reclaim’s calendar and manage my personal calendar all in one. 

Another feature that is super handy is the Smart Inbox feature. While working with a traditional inbox, you see the emails in reverse chronological order. So all the newsletters, shipping notifications, and important emails. It’s not easy to sort through and I always felt like I was going to miss an important email. Spark has a Smart Inbox feature that automatically sorts out emails for you. So all your newsletters, notifications and personal emails are sorted into their own category. It makes sifting through emails so much easier. 

Spark has a comment feature where people in your ‘team’ can comment and draft emails behind the scenes and collaborate on ideas. Reclaim Hosting receives a ton of notification emails and the comment feature comes in handy. It saves a few steps for sending emails responding to these notifications. 

Lauren continues the conversation with her favourite features, the smart inbox feature and email ‘templates’ using signatures. The episode is short but if you’re interested in a new mail client this is a good one! Take a look!

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