We had to watch 2 videos for class. They were about property and fair use. Now this has become a changing topic throughout history. In the TED talk Lawrence Lessig, talked about how this is true. He mentioned stories throughout history that had a major impact on property and fair use. The first one was Sousa, who invented the talking machine, which allowed for people to record their voice. The second one was about a supreme court case in 1945 regarding the term of “trespassing.” Before the time of airplanes, trespassing always meant, stepping on someone else’s land. Now since airplanes don’t operate on the ground for a long period of time (besides take off and landings), there was some gray space in determining whether or not they were actually trespassing. But the Supreme Court ruled that they actually weren’t trespassing. After this story he moves on to talk about people creating content just for the love of creating, not for money. So much of our society has become a sense of creating society, we are always taking pictures, updating statuses, tweeting. To be honest, I don’t really remember what it was like without the internet or even technology. My earliest memory is watching a movie on the television in the living room of my house. Our world is consumed by the way we create content. Our ideas constantly become public. I think society has an immense sense of trust as we put our ideas online and we trust that the rest of the world won’t take those ideas. However there are some people who do take other people’s ideas and make them their own. I really liked the presentation of the second video about remixes. It really goes to show how well we can change other people’s content and make it our own.

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