I think it’s about time that I dust this blog off!


It’s been almost a year since I last blogged about one of Reclaim’s first Flex Courses in Reclaim Ed Tech, and now we’ve completed the first year! Throughout that year we’ve put on several flex courses, workshops, and even planning for a Conference! (P.S. You should go register for all the awesome stuff planned!)

Towards the latter half of the year, I started participating in a lot of the Flex Courses and even the WordPress Multisite and Domain of One’s Own Workshops. We’ve got most of these in our Reclaim Hosting EdTech Discord so I would highly recommend checking it out! We’ve got a ton of goodness going on in that Discord that anyone from the Reclaim Hosting community can join in!

So to talk more about the Flex Courses, I joined in during the OBS sessions back in January starting with OBS, Open Broadcaster Software.

OBS is such great software if you’re looking to start streaming to Youtube or Twitch. I really enjoyed working with this software in an educational light, and it’s been vital to the Flex Course filming. I’ve only used it a handful of times until then and I’ve seen a bunch of people I follow use it for their gaming streams.

Next, was a Discord course! This was taking a dive into how you can set up a Discord server for your class, club or any large group in general. The session I worked through was with Pilot looking at setting up the server and using templates, and what you can do with your server– and throughout the month we looked at how Reclaim uses Discord to host virtual events.

This month; We’re wrapping up our Flex Course around Installatron applications. Most folks know you can install WordPress easily through Installatron, so we wanted to highlight some of the lesser-known applications like Omeka Classic and Omeka S as well as YOURLs, Matomo and Scalar. I was working on the Omkea Classic and Omeka S Sessions with Amanda and joined Taylor for the YOURLs session. These are some really awesome tools to use for any projects/classes/archives.

It’s been really fun to work on the Ed Tech team on the side. While I’m still incredibly involved with the Support Team, I’m loving the crossover we have between all the teams lately, keeping support at the core of Reclaim’s values. And it’s been so fun to work with my coworkers on some fun courses!

There are many more Flex Courses to come and I’m excited to see where year 2 of Ed Tech takes us! Check out the Youtube channel and discord when you get a chance too, to stay up to date on all things Ed Tech.

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