Internet Landscapes: Sydney

I really thought this piece was interesting. When I first went to his website I thought that this was just going to be images that he edited. I thought the first picture looked like blood vessels. But they are all videos of moving landscapes with a track of audio laid over. It was actually very cool. So instead of it looking like blood vessels it was all landscapes of Sydney. But I thought this was also very interesting not only because of his choice of audio but the scenes are so beautiful.

Internet Cache Portraits series:

I thought this series was so interesting. We use the internet all the time and I’ve always wondered what it would look like to catch what we browse throughout the day and keep it all in one place. And Evan did that. In his series he used different people across the world and compiled all of their cache into one image.

Dances For Mobile Phones: Paraguay

I also enjoyed dances for mobile phones because he incorporated multiple people for the piece. I also noticed that he uses some of the same filter in the Sydney Landscapes as well.



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