Hiya! So for a mashup I decided to make a motivational poster but I wanted to incorporate the Wire as well. So I thought back through some of the assignments that I completed and I found the alternative epigraphs assignment. I knew that this would be perfect! So I found a picture that I took over the weekend, and tried to find a good epigraph that would go with the theme of the picture. And the epigraph from season 4 episode 8 “Corner Boys” fit the bill perfectly!

We got our thing, but it’s just part of the big thing ~Zenobia

The columns on the bridge might just have the one part but they all work together to keep the entire bridge up. Just like what Zenobia said. Now she didn’t literally mean the bridge but the picture gives the epigraph a whole new meaning.

I used PicMonkey again, just because it was easy access since I was at home. I uploaded the photo then I added the text. I used the font “Shadows Into Light Two” because I think the handwritten feel balances out the picture very well. I picked blue for the font color instead of the traditional black because it kept with the blue theme of the rest of the picture. I think it turned out well!

Here is the final product!

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