One of my favorite things to come out of this time of social distancing has been the revival of ds106radio. Its been such a treat to jump online to listen to music and conversations!

I was first on the radio back in 2014 when I took wire106. Classmates and I create a group project to produce/record/edit our own radioshow. These episodes were all centered around the Wire. I’ve got an archive of the class (sans images which is a whole other story) but it’s worth a look through!

So as Jim’s been streaming he started brining on each of us at Recalim to chat about things and projects they’ve been working on. He’s had the ever amazing Lauren Brumfield on a few weeks ago and they had an awesome conversation.

Then it was my turn on April 24! Jim and I chatted about hot topics in the world today and my past in ds106, as well as contemplating culture and support within Reclaim.

I’m super grateful Jim recorded this convo so I can look back on it to see where I’ve been and where I’m going at Reclaim. It’s a good marking point within my career and a great way to take the pulse of how my year has gone.

I’ve uploaded the hour convo up to SoundCloud but stayed tuned for an even longer one that Jim posts!

Header photo by Anmol Arora on Unsplash

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