Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking on a panel for Communications and Digital Studies Majors at the University of Mary Washington! I joined 4 other students who recently graduated (within the last 10 years) to talk about our experiences in the job market and how we got our current jobs.

(Shoutout to Brandon for being the photographer!)

This was such a full-circle moment for me as the students who attended this panel are very familiar with Reclaim Hosting and Domain of One’s Own. They all receive their domain name in their Freshman seminars and take that with them throughout the CDS major.

I felt super nostalgic throughout the panel because I was one of the first groups of students who received a domain name (I talked about this in my Turning 10 blog post), and as Reclaim has been working closely with UMW over the years through Domain of One’s Own and WordPress Multisite, it has been incredible to see how much the program grows year over year.

And I always enjoy seeing the student’s perspective when working with their domain name. As my job has shifted over the years, I tend to see more Administrator questions and behind-the-scenes server management and I miss out on the individual projects students are working on.

All in all, this was such a great professional development moment, to hear perspectives of the wide range of IT/Communications/Digital Media and to get students excited to start their careers!

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