Finishing Up!

This is so bittersweet! My last post for wire106 and ds106 (hopefully not ds106)! This semester was so much fun and its all thanks to this class! Ds106 was my favorite class I've taken so far here at UMW and I'm really glad I decided to take it. I was on the fence over the summer and whether or not I should take it but I don't regret that decision at all. I learned so much from this class and its helped me learn about what I potentially want to work with as a career. I can't recommend this class enough!...Read More

Epigraph Movtivational Poster

Hiya! So for a mashup I decided to make a motivational poster but I wanted to incorporate the Wire as well. So I thought back through some of the assignments that I completed and I found the alternative epigraphs assignment. I knew that this would be perfect! So I found a picture that I took over the weekend, and tried to find a good epigraph that would go with the theme of the picture. And the epigraph from season 4 episode 8 "Corner Boys" fit the bill perfectly! We got our thing, but it's just part of the big thing ~Zenobia...Read More


So this week was our design week, and just like last week where we had the photoblitz, this week we had a designblitz. There are many  different elements to design and we were supposed to find different ads around campus that showed different elements to design. My first instinct was to go to one of the bulletin boards that are all over campus. Here are the pictures I found! This photo is an advertisement for SAE's social media accounts. This ad uses two main design principles. One being dominance, in this space, the main catch is the SAE social media,...Read More

Bad Guy Business Card

Do you have anything that you want to smuggle across the ocean? Do you want to do it cheaply and efficiently? Well then call Frank! Frank is great at bringing things over secretly so no one knows where you got it! I saw this assignment that Paul created about Bad Guy business cards. I thought this would be great to make for someone within The Wire. I was deciding between the Greeks, Nick Sobotka, or Frank Sobotka. I decided to go with Frank because he was the head guy at the port but he can also keep things under wraps....Read More

Three Things I Would Take on a Deserted Island

This assignment was fun! We had to pick three different things I would take on a deserted island. I used photoshop to add all of the images together to make one image. I decided to take a practical approach on this one. I would take a Kindle because I would have access to multiple books that I have loaded on this device. And the battery lasts for a long time. The next thing I would take with me is a knife. This would help me in tons of different ways because I could cut things, to make a shelter, cut food,...Read More

Website Banner

For this assignment, I decided to make another one! I saw the one called the Website Logo but I thought the Website Banner would be fun too! I decided to create the assignment because I was looking to create a banner for my website and I thought I could get credit for it too! I had a lot of fun creating this as well. While brain storming for this banner, i happened upon this idea to use different photos that I have taken. I used photoshop to place all of these photos together. Then I put my website tag on the photo...Read More

Redone Epigraph

Hi there! This assignment was a lot of fun! At the beginning of each episode in the wire, there is a quote that one of the character's says during the episode. I took a quote from season 2 episode 9, from Rawls to create the new epigraph. The assignment was supposed to relate it to ds106 in some sort of way, and I thought this quote would be great for this assignment. Here is the original epigraph from the episode: So this is the second one! I decided to use Rawl's quote because I think this fits perfectly for our...Read More

Minimalist TV Poster

This assignment was interesting! I decided to use Photoshop for this one. I found this one kind of difficult as I was trying to figure out what I was doing while in Photoshop itself. But I definitely got the hang of it though! I really like the thought of this assignment, trying to capture the essence of the show with just a few things on the poster itself. So I started out with a new project in photoshop, where I made the poster an 8x11. Then I made the background this blueish purple color. I was trying out different colors...Read More

Keeping Up With The Cast of The Wire

Hi there! Since this week is Design, I thought I would go ahead and make my own assignment. I was looking through other assignments and saw one called Where are They Now? This assignment takes the cast of the Wire and looks to see what other works they did before/after their time on the Wire. The other assignment I mixed it with was through and infographic. Infographics are great for keeping all the information in one place! So with that said, I really enjoyed making this assignment. It was really cool to see where the actors/actresses ended up throughout their...Read More

A New Spin on a Storyline

For one of my assignments, I decided to make an infograph narrating one of the episodes. I've seen a lot of inforgrahs before and they just look so cool! I've always wanted to make one. So I said why not! I put Season 2 Episode 1 "Ebb Tide" into an info graphic. It brings a new spin on the story line. (The quality of the image isn't the greatest and it left some images out. You can find the actual inforgraph here.) I decided to do the first episode of the season rather than other episodes because this episode is...Read More