Up in the Cloud

So for the final presentation, I am paired with Maddie and Matt. We all decided to use the topic of cloud computing. As we were meeting before our presentations, we all decided to split up the work and pick different sides to cloud computing. I was tasked with the history portion to the presentation. I used this wiki article to gather my some of the background to cloud computing. I really found this helpful to get the background. However, I didn’t use this as a major portion to my research. Cloud computing can be extended back to the 1950s, with...Read More

Phase 1, Research

For the final project, the class was split up into groups and each group picked their own topics. My group is doing cloud computing. We are still currently in the researching phase of our final project. But here are some of the websites that I found were really interesting. This PDF, called A View of Cloud ComputingĀ  gives a great overview of what cloud computing is. It talks about three newer aspects to cloud computing, as well as the downsides and obstacles that are associated with cloud computing. I found another article, that I wrote a summary on for my...Read More