Deja Vu

I had a complete moment of deja vu on Friday and I have no idea why. Reclaim is putting on a workshop next week called Workshop of Own's One. We are showing some Domain of One's Own administrators from a few schools an in-depth look at supporting DoOO. This past week was full of research and preparation for our presentations, my topics are website migrations and domain transfers. As I'm researching website databases, I had this strong feeling that I was sitting in a library like I was writing a research paper for a class. This was the strangest feeling too because...Read More

Setting Up a Feed with Feedly

Working at Reclaim means I get to interact with people who do incredible work within the Ed Tech community. I was first exposed to this at #domains17 and I remember thinking that I wanted to keep up with all of these wonderful folks and the work their doing. At first, I had no idea how I could keep up with all the blog posts except through twitter. I didn't really like that idea though because I could lose tweets within my feed. I wanted a place where I could keep them all together. I don't know too much about RSS feeds but...Read More

Working by Myself

So today was a first for me in my support role. I started my shift bright and early this morning and everything was moving slow. Tim and Lauren went off to a meeting and Jim is traveling this week for a conference, so I was by handling support on my own for a short period of time, but this was a normal thing. I felt confident that I could handle each support request that came through and if I didn't Tim and Lauren would be back by lunchtime and I could ask my questions then. I was completely unprepared for what...Read More

Lifeguarding Lessons

That's a wrap on the summer! We've officially hit fall as September has breezed past us. The weather here in VA wants to hold on to every last bit of summer though (I can't complain).  I thought I'd do some reflecting on my summer jobs as a lifeguard in Virginia Beach. Granted, my summer has been long over as I started my career in June and moved to Fredericksburg in July, but I wanted to take a minute and reflect on what lifeguarding taught me. But first a little background: I had two very similar positions within two companies. I...Read More

Repairing a Crashed Table in phpMyAdmin

Yesterday, a ticket came in where a student's website was not establishing a database connection. I started my usual checks to see what kind of installation she had on her domain. In this case it was a WordPress installation. I went to double check that the username and password in the wp-config.php file was the same as the wp-options table in phpMyAdmin. After trying to open the wp-options I received an error similar to this: mysql> select * from nagios_servicechecks; ERROR 1194 (HY000): Table 'nagios_servicechecks' is marked as crashed and should be repaired This error can say a wide range...Read More

Adjusting to Post Grad

The professional world is in full swing for me at this point. I've been with Reclaim as a customer support specialist for almost two months now. It's kind of surreal to be back in the town where I went to school, not only in the summer, but not getting ready to go back for the fall semester at the end of August. But it an odd way it feels normal. I am very fortunate and lucky to have a job right out of college, and at a company I interned with no less. And I think that's why a lot...Read More

Embedding Myself into the Professional World

Well, #domains17 is done! We've wrapped up on Tuesday and are all home by now. I definitely needed a few days to gather my thoughts for this post. I'm so grateful for this chance to experience what the Ed Tech world is like before I even start my job with Reclaim Hosting. It was a great way to meet tons of new people I will interact with.  I wanted to talk a bit about what I wanted to get out of the conference, how the conference actually was, and what I'm doing after it.  So I knew that Reclaim was planning a...Read More

Final Project

Hi there! This is my final post for my Individual Study! It's been a lot of fun creating the video and I'm really excited to share it with you. I finished my video and its all ready to be shown at orientation. Here is the final product: I made a presentation at Research and Creativity Day, which was on the last day of classes. I'll post that presentation down below as well as my slideshow presentation that went along with it. Take a look! So Domain of One’s Own is a wonderful program that Mary Washington offers. Launched in 2013,...Read More

Wrapping Up as an Intern

Well as this semester is wrapping up, I just wanted to write a reflection of my time at Reclaim Hosting. It's really weird to talk about as the last weeks of my undergraduate finishing up. It still hasn't officially hit me yet that I'm graduating in May. But things are finalizing all over the place, I just had my last classes and I've got a job lined up! I've officially accepted a position to stay on the team at Reclaim! I start in June, so I have a little time to enjoy my summer and it will be exciting to move back up to Fredericksburg. Enough...Read More

Finished Filming and On to Editing

Hi there! So just a quick update on how things are going! I just started my editing phase of the project. I finished all of my interviews and am now moving on to filming B-roll, which is footage that I can use while people are talking. But oh boy do I feel stressed. This video is one of the biggest projects I've taken on. It will be shown to the biggest audience that I've encountered (the students at orientation). So I want this to be the best it can be! And everyone I interviewed has such great answers that I...Read More