I thought Torso was a good read. It was like the Ohio Gang reading we had a while back, a graphic novel. This made it way better to read because there were tons of pictures. This really helped me get a grasp of the plot line because I could see what was happening. However, I kept getting confused on which way the flow of the page would go. The book was a true story about a serial killer/mass murder during 1934-38 in Cleveland Ohio. Because this was a time before DNA testing, it was almost impossible to find the identities of these victims, because the Torso killer mangled the bodies so bad.Throughout the plot, it twists and turns while the detectives try to find the killer. In the end the case wasn’t solved. As I was reading, I realized that this was during the great depression. The author showed how many people lived during that time, in shantytowns. So many people lost their jobs and their homes so they had to find a place to live. And thousands of people lived in these communities until they could get back on their feet. As I was doing some research, I found that the Torso murders were also called The Kingsbury Run Murders. I found an article from Trutv.com called The Kingsbury Run Murders or Cleveland Torso Murders. This murder gives an accurate account of the murder and the investigations.