Reclaiming the #edtech4life mentality

As I’m preparing for OER24 (so excited!!!) I wanted to write a blog post about my presentation coming up to get my thoughts together. I’m keeping the blog train rolling. I’ll be on the ground representing Reclaim and the EdTech team. We have some fun things planned leading up to the presentation (check on […]

Growth through OER19

It’s been a week since OER19 concluded and I’m a little late to the reflection game as I’m the last Reclaimer to post, but nonetheless, I’m writing! Jim, Lauren and I discussed all of our thoughts and reflections about our time at the conference as participants and a ‘vendor’ (said loosely) on Reclaim Today Episode […]

Un Fin de Semana en Bilbao (A weekend in Bilbao)

Well it’s been quite an adventurous week! I started off the week running catching up on a few assignments, including a video production trailer I made, you can watch that over here. Then it was the exciting part of my week! My friend Alice visited me from Edinburgh for a few days! It was so […]