Bustling Canary Wharf

Hi there! So here's a little post for the week! This one is a little different because I'm adding a paper I wrote for my History class. We were tasked with a psychogeography walk. We went back to one of our favorite places that we toured throughout the semester and write a paper on our experience. We were supposed to take in our surroundings and reflect on the experience. So here it is! Canary Wharf is a beautiful area of London. Once home to one of the docks in the Port of London, it was a bustling area for trade....Read More

Scenic Scotland

Hiya! So surprise! I wrote another blog post this week :) I was in Scotland this past weekend visiting the lovely Alice (go read her blog, she has some exciting trips coming up next week). Emily and Cindy also joined me on this adventure. And all I can say holy cow! It was so beautiful! This trip was a little different than my past weekend trips, I decided to leave on a Thursday rather than Friday. I only have one class on Friday so I wasn't missing too much. I took the train from London to Edinburgh, where Alice is studying. The...Read More

Mid Semester Reflection

Hello! So two weeks ago I passed that half way mark for my semester in London. But now its more like 6 weeks left until my parents finish and 8 until I come back to the States. Can you believe that! These past few months have flown by. I really want don't want it to end but I admit I am missing America. So in this post I'm just going to post a little reflection on what I've done so far and how I'm feeling now. So lets start off with few good things! I love the amount of traveling I've...Read More

Break in Barcelona

Hola! So its the mid way point in my semester! I can't even believe I'm halfway done. Its gone by way too fast. But this past week has been so much fun! It started out a little crazy because it was midterm week. I had a bunch of assignments due throughout the week that kept me pretty busy. So once I had that out of the way I was definitely ready for spring break and some sunshine. Carmen, Shannon, Cindy and I left for Barcelona on Saturday. Our flight was pretty early in the morning. It was so beautiful! We...Read More

Un Fin de Semana en Bilbao (A weekend in Bilbao)

Well it's been quite an adventurous week! I started off the week running catching up on a few assignments, including a video production trailer I made, you can watch that over here. Then it was the exciting part of my week! My friend Alice visited me from Edinburgh for a few days! It was so fun getting to show her the sights of London! I'm not gonna share too much of this part of our adventures but you can read her post over here. I was able to show her some famous landmarks of London and she was even able to...Read More