Adjusting to Post Grad

The professional world is in full swing for me at this point. I've been with Reclaim as a customer support specialist for almost two months now. It's kind of surreal to be back in the town where I went to school, not only in the summer, but not getting ready to go back for the fall semester at the end of August. But it an odd way it feels normal. I am very fortunate and lucky to have a job right out of college, and at a company I interned with no less. And I think that's why a lot...Read More

Adjusting to Life Back in the States

So I can't believe my summer is over, and I'm back at Mary Washington for my final year (yes my senior year, I can't believe it either). Even thought its been a few months since I've been back, I keep thinking I'm heading back to London in next week. I miss it so much. Well clearly that's not happening, but I am very excited to be back at Mary Washington. And I have to say I have been putting off writing this post because part of me doesn't want to end this chapter of my study abroad. But after hand writing a...Read More

Reflecting on Cooking Up Stories

After working on Cooking Up Stories for pretty much everyday of the semester, I have to say its a little weird to not work on it. I've enjoyed the process of creating and building out the site so much this past semester. I definitely learned a from the beginning of the semester to now. So in this post I will look into where I was at the beginning of the semester and where I ended up at the end.  Generally, my main idea, creating a website that allows users to create and share their own recipes, was consistent throughout the entire...Read More