I have to say, I really enjoyed this class, even though it was a ton of work. The video projects were awesome, to make and I really enjoyed editing them. I like how my progress went with each of the videos. I also like many of the readings, especially Torso and the early readings from the True Crime book. I like how the movies were incorporated as well. They were a nice break from the readings. So overall I think there I really enjoyed the class. I have a few critiques, however. Maybe the next time it is taught, you could cut down on a few readings in the True Crime book, or even just make a course on that book. Maybe you can break it up even more where you could do a modern crime course, where it is only crime from the 20 and 21st centuries. That actually would be really cool. And that’s all I have for critiques! Thank you so much Professor Groom and Professor Paul! I’m so glad I got to take this class!