The second half of In Cold Blood was a building scene. It began with Perry and Dick on the run. They went all over the country. And they continued to commit many crimes. They stole a car. Dick specifically wrote checks and stole money from the owner of the car. As they were traveling through Texas, they picked up two hitchhikers, where they made more money by picking up bottles. They were on the run for 6 weeks. During that time, they spent Christmas in Miami. During their questioning, Dick tried to pin the whole crime on Perry. Perry himself was very calm. He told the truth for his confession. I felt bad for Perry at times, he was very compliant and he had good intentions but Dick was way more demanding and Perry was afraid to get hurt if he didn’t go with it.

Truman Capote kept with his cinema aspect to the story. He explained everything in great detail. However, he didn’t keep with the time period of the crime. During the questioning, the examiner read Dick his Miranda rights. If the book was set in the right time period, in 1959-1960, Miranda Rights didn’t come into existence until 1966, when Capote wrote this book.

However, even with this anachronism, the book was still wonderfully written. At first I didn’t like the book at alll but as I read further i really enjoyed it. I really like Capote’s style of writing