I thought Goodfellas was a good movie. Despite the long running time at 2 hours and 20 minutes, it was a a good story. The movie is about Henry Hill, who started out as a small time gangster and he moved on to the big leagues after he committed a robbery with Jimmy Conway. Henry started off really early, at thirteen. This is just like Sylivan, when he started doing his crimes very early. By the time Henry was in his early 20s he was rich. Then he fell in love with Karen. Henry and Karen ended up getting married. Then it became a story of love, just like the Ballads we read, Alice and Fred. At first Karen didn’t like what Henry was doing, but eventually it became “normal.” I got a feeling of Manson with this part because although he was asking his group to murder people, he made it seem like it was normal. Henry did this as well, he was with his group constantly and he was always with his wife as well. After a while it all seemed normal. After Karen had their first child, Henry found a mistress, just like Swaringen did. Henry would pay for her, he even got her an apartment close to where he and Karen were living. Henry and Karen eventually had two kids. I got the feeling of The Murder of a Daughter as well, because towards the end of the movie, Henry got into a lot of drugs, it made me think of how bad the kids had it with the family too, like they had to witness that. And no one wants to witness a person who is addicted to crack, like Henry was. When they trio called themselves the Goodfellas, I kept thinking of the Ohio Gang. Henry talked about how much money they made and how much money they stole from people. My favorite scene from the movie was the funny guy scene. It was when Tommy DeVito was telling a story and Henry calls him funny. Then Tommy gives Henry a hard time for calling him funny but he was faking it the whole time.