Summary 4: Feel the force; Technology and the future

In the article Feel the force; Technology and the future, The author, of the Economist explains Evgeny Morozov view point on Silicon Valley. Now he takes a big view point saying that the internet “is the perfect tool for repressive states to control their citizens.” The author also brings in the view point of Jaron Lanier, who blames Continue reading

Summary 2: 3D Printing Disrupts Manufacturing

The article 3D Printing Disrupts Manufacturing, by Irene Petrick, explains how three dimensional printing will disrupt manufacturing. She says “Today we are entering an era many believe will be as disruptive to the manufacturing sector as the Industrial Revolution was–the age of 3D printing.” And in some ways I agree with her. 3D printing is a way Continue reading

Summary 1: Cloud Computing Efficiency

In the article Cloud Computing Efficiency, by Linda Bowers, explains how cloud computing is moving towards the one of the biggest new things in technology. Now what is cloud computing? It is a massive interconnected network that links devices. For example, I can send a document into the cloud from my computer, then I can Continue reading