Comment on Helter Skelter by Meredith Fierro

The actor did a wonderful job portraying Charles Manson. The maid at the beginning was hilarious. And Susan Anderson was a weirdo, I believe that she wasn’t under the influence of Manson, she was just a crazy person.

Comment on Saddest reading…ever by Meredith Fierro

Morghan, I agree with you about how the rebellion was sickening because they were killing people in their sleep. But with this is the first sign that we see in history that people think that slavery is bad. Without Turner’s leadership we might not be where we are today. We might still have slaves.

Comment on “Nat Turner” by Meredith Fierro

Demi, I noticed that too, after the rebellion, the slaves that were killed were twice as many as the whites were killed. I think that is ridiculous! Although, the Whites participating in the executions were trying to scare the slaves back into line so there wouldn’t be another rebellion.

Comment on Strang and Swearingen by Meredith Fierro

I also agree with you about how the author wrote down so much bad stuff about Rachel, and I think it’s because the author was only in the perspective of George’s testimony. He only was recording what George was saying about Rachel, which was a lot of bad things.

Comment on Drama by Meredith Fierro

Abigail, I agree with you about Mrs. Whipple going over the deep end on trying to murder her husband. She tried a lot and was unsuccessful. Doesn’t she get the hint?