Doodle Waves

I loved this project! I actually did something similar to this for my Design Principles class last fall, but I actually made a flipbook out of found GIFs. So I was excited to tackle this project. Unfortunately I ran into a creative block. I didn't know what to draw. I'm not very good at drawing until I came up with the idea to "doodle." And I put that in quotes because doodling is my form of drawing. I like to draw little patterns here and there so I thought I would put them all together! After almost finishing up I...Read More

GIF Mainia Take 2

Hi there! I loved making these GIFs! GIFs weren't a new concept to me, I've made them for numerous classes throughout my time here at UMW (one post can be found over here). I am used to creating GIFs with found footage (clips of videos I've grabbed from YouTube) so it was a challenge for me to come up with ideas for this project. Here's what I came up with! Autobiographical: I just really love candles. Nature: The leaves were pretty. Sound: I was listening to music while studying.

Pipilotti Rist

To be honest I thought Pipilotti Rist's work is very different to the other artists. First of all she is a videographer. Most of her works is videos. Ever is Over All: This one really reminded me of the Beyonce video, Hold Up, where she smashes car windows. But I thought this was interesting. Someone actually made a side by side video of the two toegether too. Sip My Ocean: This video was really trippy. I wonder what it would have looked like to stand there in the middle of the space as it was shown in...Read More

Jason Salavon

In my research of Jason, I found that he uses a lot of color. So I wanted to write about a few of his pieces that I thought used a lot of color in an interesting way. All the Ways (the Simpsons): I thought this was really interesting. Also really loud. I never thought to superimpose all of the episodes of the show. I pressed play and was instantly hit with a crazy sound of the theme song and some episodes starting quickly. I could only watch for a few minutes but I really thought this was interesting. MTV's...Read More

A Boat Ride With Myself

This project was a lot of fun! I was home over fall break and I decided to go ahead and take photos while I was on out boat one day. It was hilarious trying to get the right angles for the photos. I ended up having to redo the whole thing the next day. But I got it to work luckily, and I’m really happy with how this turned out!

Wafaa Bilial

Wafaa Bilial's work was so interesting. As I was looking through his works, A Call really stood out to me. Its interesting to see how he premiered the work. His visa into Iran, so he started a video chat to show the work from New York. Another piece I thought was interesting was his work Domestic Tension. I really liked how he utilized the paintball machine. I also like how he documented the process as well with all of the videos. He also incorporates outside input as well, setting it up in just a way that users could log in...Read More

One Tool Madness

So the first project is completed! I had a ton of fun with this one. We were tasked with creating an image using just one tool in photoshop. So take a look at what I came up with! Transform: The transform tool allows to rotate, skew, scale, and distort the image in any way you can think of. I posted this image that I took while in London for a semester abroad on Instagram last week: Now this was before the assignment was given out. But as soon as I read the prompt, I knew I could do something with this...Read More

Matt Siber

I really enjoyed looking into Matt Siber. It was interesting to look at his different works as well. He incorporates so many different mediums in his art work as well as different public locations in a different way. I like how visual each part of his work is and he documents them very well. And not only does he use digital mediums for his work but also tons of other mediums. He also appropriates advertisements and physical mediums into his art. One way he incorporated a public space in a new way is through his work "Store Front." This work...Read More