Matt Siber

I really enjoyed looking into Matt Siber. It was interesting to look at his different works as well. He incorporates so many different mediums in his art work as well as different public locations in a different way. I like how visual each part of his work is and he documents them very well. And […]

Nam June Paik

I think the most interesting part to Nam June Paik is his drive to explore what he could do with new technology. He is able to turn what would be an ordinary piece of technology into anything he wanted. at first I didn’t really know who he was but the first thing that shows up […]

Starting Out

Hi there! So just to start off really quickly, I’m Meredith, a senior, and I’ve decided to take this course as a way for develop more skills for photoshop and even digital creation that is. I have always enjoyed creating things digitally and want to continue creating as much as possible. So with that being […]